Oh!!! Please don’t be bitter!!!


U aint sh**!You a dirty person! You a hoe! F*** you! I aint want yo a** anyway! You stank! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ladies, have you heard this before?? Wit yo ugly a**!! FAT A**! These are some of the things you just might hear when you SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED OF HIS TRIFLIN A**!! Now yall know this is only MAN-BOY behavior RIGHT? A REAL MAN WON’T GAIN ANYTHING BY TEARING HIS LADY DOWN! πŸ’πŸ½So, back to the MAN-BOY! He done cheated, lied, and manipulated the hell out of u for how ever long and he wonder why you mad as hell and arguing with him all the time. He know damn well he aint been treating you right and because u exhausted from the drama YOU AINT S***! HOW IS THAT SIR?? I don’t know how many times I can forgive yo a** for the same stuff and not wanna kill you!  At some point you get fed up and it’s time to go! WHEN SHE READY TO GO! LET HER GO! Especially if you aint ready to treat her the way she deserves to be treated. SO stop calling her to talk about what she Aint! Stop blaming her for ruining your life! GO GET UR LIFE AND LEARN FROM UR MISTAKES!!! Fellas! Yall know if you got a good woman or not! Real Talk! If you can’t respect, cherish, love, and admire her flaws please please please be a GENTLEMAN and let her go. Now once you reach TRUE MANHOOD! If you knew she was the one GET UR LIFE AND GO GET YO WOMAN AND PRAY SHE AINT WRAPPED IN SOME OTHER CHOCOLATE MAN’S ARMS!!!!! Otherwise you’ll remain a MAN-BOY and she will always be the dirty, ugly, fat, nasty lady you laid with for whatever time it lasted!πŸ€”πŸ€” IJS! LADIES! We got to do better! Check mark those red flags! Me personally 1 red flag and u out! I may be wrong but hey THE GOOD LORD WILL SHOW MEπŸ™ŒπŸΎ Let’s not let the actions of a MAN-BOY  get us off our rocker! If you done, hold your head up high and KEEP MOVING HONEY! IT WILL GET GREATER LATER! You are NOT WHAT THE MAN-BOY SAYS U ARE!!!!! LOVE YALL!#AUNTIELITπŸ”₯

Hips N’ πŸ’‹Dena


2 thoughts on “Oh!!! Please don’t be bitter!!!

  1. This is so true!!!! I wish I could like this. MILLION times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These old hurt ass, disrespectful ass, bogus ass, worthless ass, ain’t got shit unless they with you ass, fake ass, wanna put on for FB ass, for the street ass, think they’re the realist ass, cheating ass, lying ass, BITTER ASS NIGGAS AINT SHIT!!!! Yeah I said it. Niggas be mad when you put them on blast! Niggas be mad when you tell the truth! Sometimes…hell MOST TIMES niggas be mad when you ain’t did nothing but DISSAPEAR on they worthless ass! How you mad because I know I deserve better??? How you mad because you can’t fool with or fuck with me ANYMORE? Why you mad that you can’t pull the okie doke on me YET AGAIN?? #BYEBITTERSIRFUCKINGBYEBITTERSIRSSSSSSSSSS

    Yasssssssssss!! I wish I could like this a MILLION times!! Why these niggas be mad tho?? Old worthless ass, bi-polar ass, fake ass, ain’t shit without you ass, stalking ass, was at their best w/you but didn’t know it ass, disrespectful ass, hateful ass, jealous ass, fronting for FB ass, stunting for the street ass, thinking they’re the realist ass, I can’t live without you ass, NOBODY but me wants your ass, BITTER ASS NIGGAS!!!!!! YEAP I said it! Straight #FuckBoy ass niggas! Why y’all be mad when we tired, fed up, can’t pull nothing over on us anymore? Why you mad I woke up? How you mad because I’m staying woke?? Can’t take it because the truth hurts! Doesn’t want the truth out because people will know you a fraud! Don’t be mad and bitter. How about take this as a life lesson to get BETTER! Cause IM OUT! Time to dissapear!! If you’re so great you shouldn’t have a problem moving on right?? NAH B/C YOUR PUNK ASS STILL SNIFFING UP BEHIND THIS BISH. (Told y’all they be lying) they don’t want you but they stalking you..(how that work sir) they don’t want you, you ain’t shit but they on your line talking about why you doing this to me? Oh, HEEEY #FuckBoy you the victim now huh? LMAOOOOO #FuckBoys ALWAYS make it about them & what you did to “THEM” #FuckBoys forget all about all their #FUCKSHIT they did & said to you. Until you remind them and everyone else. Now you’re the bad GAL!! Ok, SIR, ILL TAKE THAT & HOLD MY HEAD UP HIGH! Now watch me STRUT TF OUT YOUR LIFE! Your weak ass spent so much time trying to pull me down because nod your insecurities you didn’t realize how strong you made me in all those years. Strong enough to get up & DISSAPEAR out your life!! So, take this as a life lesson to not be BITTER BUT TO BE BETTER!!! Glad I could help me, help you, help your next BISH have a better man or NOT! #ByeByeBitterSir aka #FuckBoy


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