“Stop Holding Your Child(ren) Hostage”

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Why do ya’ll keep ya’ll child(ren) from their dad and act like it’s okay?? Ladies, look I am here to tell ya’ll right now, ya’ll need to cut it. That sh*t aint right. 

Why are you holding your child(ren) hostage from their pops? Oh because he don’t want you? Well, let’s think about it for a second! Hmmm! Was he ever yours to began with? You knew he was with somebody or you was just a booty call, when you were fooling around with him. And you still manage to get pregnant! (Sideeye) But, let me guess because he didn’t choose to be a family with you and your child(ren), now the child has to suffer? So he can’t ever see the child? You relinquished this man of ALL of his rights and deprive the child??!! Fool! You just signed up to be a single parent, dumb dumb! 

You and your baby daddy are no longer together, but because he has a new lady, you hold the child(ren) hostage? Ladies, you need to cut it, leave that damn man alone and let him do what he signed up to do when he sowed that seed! Which is (for those of ya’ll acting slow) BE THAT CHILD(REN) father, whether you like her or not it is what it is! Remember that was a choice you made. Look, as long as that woman is not harming your child in anyway and he is willing to step up; stop holding that child hostage. Figure out thee best way to co-parent, find you somebody to love you and your child(ren) and keep it moving!

Ladies, those of you, who ARE receiving child support for your child(ren) and still won’t let their father see them, ought to be ashamed of your triflin asses! Especially, when you out in the club every weekend popping bottles, getting your hair and nails dones on the regular with the child support coins, but your child out here looking bogus! Looking like who shot John going to school every damn day! Smdh!! WTF??? And when you got disconnect notices on the way! C’mon nah! Chile, get your life so you can be a better example for your child(ren), they are watching you! (Wink wink)

Now, last but certainly not least! You little girls who hold their child(ren) hostage because he NOT paying child support. I know, I know, you like what! Yep, I said it. Coming from a grown woman who knows the value of time. Maybe he can’t buy Jr some shoes, but he can teach him how to tie em!? Maybe be can’t buy Jr some schools supplies for school but he can help Jr with his homework? He might not be able to buy Jr a bike, but maybe he can help him learn how to ride it? Ladies, ya’ll see where I am going with this! Unconditional love, time and memories are all things money can’t buy! You are hurting your child and the universe.Stop holding the child (ren) hostage! 

Now ladies, don’t get me wrong I am not saying that it’s not okay to feel some type of way when he dont chose you and your child, but a lot of the time you already know what it is unless you got that ring! Him moving on with somebody else shouldn’t be a reason to hold your child hostage either;  unless she is mistreating your child (ren) and I do know some that will, so it’s possible. For you dumb dumbs who ARE getting paid and WON’T let him see his child(ren) need ya’ll to be slapped. Let this man spend some time with his child(ren); unless he is a real hardcore criminal who has no disregard for life and they are clearly not safe. I CAN’T STRESS how valuable time is! The fatherless son’s and daughter’s statistics are astonishing! The damage that is done to child(ren) that do not have their father takes years of prayers and hardwork to.fix and repair! Dont ya’ll need a break! Ladies, you have to start putting your child(ren)’s best interest at heart.


One thought on ““Stop Holding Your Child(ren) Hostage”

  1. This post is off the chain. Well to say the least there are sooo many women/young girls that need to read and understand why the father/daddy isn’t a part of their children’s lives because of something really simple and very minuet. So lets wake up and get it right for our children’s sake. Let him teach his son how to be a man because we don’t know how to be a man because that’s not what we were created to be. Let him help assist you in how to teach his daughter to be a real woman. Together as a Team you can create a positive influence in the life’s of your children.


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