God Blessing all da TRAP N*****????

imageThis right here is for the fellas. FELLAS FELLAS FELLAS!!!!! To my brothas!!!  Your woman understands more than you think she does!!!!!  We realize how difficult it is to have to watch out for “12”, we understand you got to be on point in order not to get robbed, we understand  this is what you do to make ends meet because you got a X on your back. ALL THIS IS UNDERSTANDABLE!! The color of your skin is a automatic disadvantage. But listen closely fellas!!  The streets don’t love nobody and I’m sure you all know that! When you have family or a good woman that’s pushing you to do better and pushing you to stack your money to get out the game LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!  Turn your hustle into your own business and get that money without having to look over your shoulder. Some of you make all that money and do nothing but buy J’s, cars, and a whole bunch of materialistic sh**. Most of yall aint even taking care of your kids, living with a female, and have nothing to call your own. Selling dope is like running your own business. You’re the CEO, Quality assurance, sales rep, and all! You have to make the hits, you have to make sure the product is good, you have to make sure you have the product available, you have to be your own accountant!!!!!!!! This alone tells me that alot of yall can go legit and make it the same way you did in the streets. I want yall to think BIGGER!!! Who wants to have to worry about jail every day???? Think about your children and  family, think about that lady that’s hanging in there with you, think about your MOTHER!! Don’t make this a career because  it can’t be. No matter what your goal is,  something can always happen where you have to start over. Aint no rules in the game! You get in how you fit in and everybody aint fit for that life. It’s somebody in your life that you hold dear to your heart. If you don’t know about checking your credit to fund your business holla at me!!!!! I’m sick and tired of watching my brothas struggle and go back and forth to jail.  YALL ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE!!!!!! ALOT OF YOU HAVE POWER YOU DON’T REALIZE YOU POSSESS. I’m not condoning selling drugs however, I do understand why you choose that path.  We are in a world where they will cage a black man up and throw away the key. Fellas, sistas are raising our kids ALONE, Disciplining our kids alone, supporting our children financially on or own. WE ARE SUPER WOMEN!!! We get tired and we get discouraged too but  WE CAN’T QUIT!!!!  SO DON’T QUIT ON US! READ the Willie Lynch Letter, it proves  we have been set up to FAIL! The only thing that beats a fail is a try!!!  Willie Lynch was a slave owner and he used this letter to teach other slave owners how to train their slaves. It’s simple!!!  Beat the  MAN of the family down! Leave the women and kids without that MAN! AND watch the foundation of the black family crumble! The MAN is the head of the household according to the word!! He is to set the foundation for his wife and children! He is the disciplinarian, protector, and the provider!  I can only speak for myself on this one, but I don’t want to do the man’s job, I want to do the job of the WOMAN as the word says. I want to be your helpmeet, your calm, your support system. BLACK MEN!!! You are  EXCEPTIONAL, UNIQUE, AND DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!!!!!!!!! Don’t let the system take you from the women that love you most!!!! THE BLACK WOMAN!


P.S. Some of you fellas feel like you can’t give your life to Christ because he don’t take trap n***** But I’m here to tell you RIGHT NOW!!! No matter what GOD loves you all just the same!  HE IS A FORGIVING GOD  and TRUST! HE KNOWS YOU BETTER THAN YOU KNOW YOURSELF!!! DON’T EVER THINK YOU HAVE TO BE PERFECT OR WITHOUT SIN TO PUT YOUR TRUST IN HIM. HIPS N’ LIPS IS A NO JUDGE ZONE AND THAT’S 100!

Hips N’ Lips Dena

2 thoughts on “God Blessing all da TRAP N*****????

  1. Nicely put. Well I believe that we need to teach our young men how to be a man and not always rely on a “FEMALE”. Here’s the QUESTION: Do we teach them how to handle business when they become a teenager or Do we continue to handle the business for them when they are 13 – eternity? I taught me son how to do his laundry and cook when he was 12, Therefore he should not have to rely on a “FEMALE” to keep his underwear clean. We as Women will have to step it up and let them know the How’s, The When’s and the Where’s. How to seek God first, When to give his life to Christ and Where to find peace beyond all understanding. Be a strong MAN and your parents and the WOMAN in your life PROUD.


    1. You are ABSOLUTELY correct! We are 2 ladies that have young men as well and we give them the in’s and out’s of life daily! When you’re raising a young black man I think it’s a MUST to teach them how to take care of themselves. I know my boys get sick of hearing it. I tell them all the time, ” you can do everything for yourself you don’t have to lay on a woman.” They know how to pay bills, they wash their own clothes, they can clean a house( ask them if it’s momma approved) and they learned from their momma FIRST! Train em’ up and they will not depart from it!! Mom you can’t start as early as you’d like LOL! If you handle all their business for them, they will rely on you to do so for the rest of your life! Like they say in Baby Boy ” Momma gotta live too!” If you teach them to take care of themselves you equip them to take care of you when and if that is necessary!! Thank you for your comment!


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