The Other forbiddden “B” Word Betrayal Part II

As promised part two of Betrayal. If you thought the part one was crazy! Here we go.

I met this dude back in 2009 and we had been cool until recently. The betrayal started in late 2014, when his patterns and actions changed. There was no spending the night as often, he all of a sudden started traveling extra, just different. He did still communicate on a regular basis. Don’t get it twisted he kept in contact.

After a few months of his pattern changes, he told me that he might be on a show and move out of state; me being me, I’m like sh*t that’s dope because he was already in the music industry per se and me knowing him, knew this was big for him. A couple more months went by and he never really discussed the show that he was currently filming, what type of show it was, who else were casted NOT A DAMN THING. He was good at keeping me abreast of his travel moves via text and pictures. My 1st mind told me that something wasn’t right! Because I remember the conversation “you should be happy for your boy he making moves and I responded “how do I know that you are not on the road with a broad? Sir?? He avoided my questions of course. 

Fast foward to early 2015. We are still communicating as normal at this point. At this time, I think his guilt started to kick in because he kept telling me he had something he wanted to talk to me about quite often actually! As a matter of fact, when he was in town, he would put in a fake effort to see me. But of course his “SCHEDULE” always permitted that to happen. Mind you, at this time the show is currently being filmed. My birthday is in February and let’s just say I never saw him. Just a bunch of broken promises, lies, bs and games.

March rolls around and mind you, I still do not know what dude is doing. Therefore, I am still rocking with him as normal. Let’s just say that, the entire month of March 2015, he was at my house once a week. Chopping it up and chilling like he doesn’t have a whole nother life going on.  It wasn’t until the end of March shit hit the fan via social media. My roommate followed the broad on IG and I followed her on Twitter. I saw a pic that wasn’t major, but it raised my antennas! I brushed it off like that must be a part of the show, nothing major. A couple nights later, there is another pic a little more intimate and the caption doe! 

I immediately got on my phone and spazzed thee f*ck out in a text message blast because he wouldn’t answer his phone. Basically, asking him if the relationship he was in with the hasbin washed up ATL rapper, had anything to do with, what him kept telling me he needed to speak with me about it?  He called me IMMEDIATELY talking about I just came off set to call you. YEA RIGHT!! He was well yea, that is what I needed to talk to you about, but it’s “NOT WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE” and you are obviously too upset right now so I’m going to call you back later. Smh He then stated he will stop by to talk to me when he got back in town that weekend and HE DID! But just know the phone # that I had control of was cut thee f*ck off ASAP! Yep call me petty, but you tell me what you would do? 

It was Easter Sunday, so I’ll never forget. He had been calling me all day and I kept brushing him off. He finally made it and he hit me with “like I said, it’s not what you think it is or look like. This is just an opportunity that was presented to me and I took advantage of it. You know my situation with my child support and sh*t. I thought YOU of all people would understand. Matter of fact, I want to bring you around on set to see for yourself. I also want you to be apart of my team???” Hmm wtf!!! Then he proceeded with the lie “man don’t worry we all gone eat! Once I get paid, we paid!! You will never be able to tell ANYBODY that I aint never paid bills over here . Honestly, I really didn’t know how to tell you.” I am not gonna lie, I thought it sounded cute at the moment, at first. I told him how I felt about all of this BS and that he had to the end of that month to switch the phone. I slept on it, talked to a couple of people about it and I turned the phone back on, but it still didn’t feel quite right. 

What I thought was funny from that day forward, he wouldn’t text me much, definitely not like he used too. Everything was a phone call, see he didn’t want a paper trail, but I already had any and everything I ever needed in my archives and HE KNEW THAT (wink wink). I had already gave him the fair warning that once I feel like you steadily trying to play me, I’m out and I am not doing this with you. So months and months went by and he was calling consistently, keeping me informed with his schedule, his plans for business adventures, and of course still trying to get in between my legs.  It’s funny because when the broad was out of town he would stop by and see me, chop it up for a while! 

I had finally reached my breaking point with him and his BS on top of BS.So, ya’ll already know he never switched the phone over! I ended up disconnecting it permanently and he was mad at me, not the fact that he never handled his business to keep the number. Typical f*ck boy antics. Right? I let him have it one good last time and I told him “I will always remember you as a motherf*cker who over promise and under deliver” I blocked him from reaching out to me and told him “I am asking you nicely not to contact me again, you are blocked and please do not make me.” He already knew exactly what I was talking about. And I haven’t communicated with him again via text or phone calls, for about 6 months now; but we we’re still friends on social media.

Most recently, a social media blogger and dude got into it. So that was my in to send them everything I had regarding that fake ass relationship quote on quote. No lie, I sent the info on a Thursday evening and they posted an introduction of the tea. I bullsh*t you not, I got restricted phone calls and that next week, she announced she is pregnant, he blocked me and my friend from IG. She most recently did an interview and stated they have been together for 3 years?? Wtf! Huh? How?? She also said that he wants to marry her, but there’s no RING! Just belly lol and smh! Chile, PLEASE! So that means he’s been playing the both of us for a while, but you look dumb because now you about to be a baby mama. Dumb dumb 

Dude lied to me and hid it from me because he didn’t want to hurt me, but the most hurtful thing is that I found out by social media?? I just saw you dude, you were just here last week? So you didn’t want to kill the vibe when we were together? Man thee f*ck and stop the BS already. Had you broke that sh*t down to me on the front end and let me make the decision if I wanted to involve myself that is my decision to make, not yours sir. See what men, boys, fellows and sirs don’t realize is if you just tell the truth from jump, the outcome or reaction maybe different, just maybe. Men think about it!!


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