The Other Forbidden “B” Word ~ Betrayal Pt 1

The above quote is tight but it’s right! “The saddest thing about Betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.” If that isn’t some true shit, I don’t know what it is. 

It all started at the end of 2014, God started to remove people from my life and at the time I didn’t understand. All I could think about is this is really fucked up; these people are supposed to be my friends. 

Long story short, Early in 2014, my bestfriend at the time, age 44 had a stroke. Me being the friend that I am, I rushed to her aid without hesitation, might I add. She was in pretty bad shape but anyway. Months down the line she got better physically, but mentally not so much.

She started to accuse me of sleeping with her broke down ass man (jobless and toothless) that she barely want and notice I said want. Mind you, we ALL have been friends for over 10 years and all stayed together at some point. When I tell you, I couldn’t believe that this broad of all broads would ever accuse me of sleeping with any of her men.I really couldn’t f*cking believe it. Sad thing is, We NEVER had the same taste in men PERIOD! It just boiled down to she was envious of me and hell I would be too! 

At the end of the day, I had to cut that broad off before shit got real ugly. I almost pulled up on her, but by the grace of God!  Once the hurt subsided, I realized that she was never my friend in the first place; she didn’t deserve a friend like me; and I knew I didn’t do anything she accused me of! So we good over here! I washed my hands of the situation and kept it moving! 

Betrayal from somebody you thought was your friend is some hurtful shit! Just beware and watch out for the snakes lurking in your grass; they are closer than you think. Keep that shit cut low so you can see them better! Shoutout to the broads with low self-esteem who use all of their energy focusing on you instead of trying to fix their own shit. Girl, please get you some business! 

Betrayal part 2 is coming soon!


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